Three thoughts on the internet and socialization

I think

1) The internet, by enabling instant access to people and information regardless of physical location, has been so monumental in shifting world culture that we have only barely begun to comprehend the extent of its impact.


2) There will be cumulative consequences to society as we encourage more and more people to be able to essentially live their lives entirely without face-to-face human contact. As flesh-and-blood beings who exist in a real space and take part in a “complex whole” of populated organization largely built by these empirical interactions, there will inevitably be unforeseen effects.


3) There are surprising ways that the online ecosystem actually enhances moments of personal compassion in ways that the offline cannot [ as readily ]. One example I have considered: Increasingly, you can find Twitter accounts of people who are now deceased. I would have never known of their existence had it not been for the internet, and by browsing their feed, I am offered a much closer look at their life than what would be available in a simple obituary, thus adding to the impact of their absence.

Stuff is complicated, yo.

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